Get Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband for £23.99/month now and receive a £50 Reward Card

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If you want to start 2023 with a new and improved broadband deal, then we have found one that might be just what you need. New customers can now get Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband (66Mpbs) for £23.99 per month on an 18-month contract. Better still, if you sign up now, you get a £50 Plusnet Reward Card as a thank you.

With its unlimited data and decent fibre speeds, this package is perfect for small to medium households with high download, gaming and UHD streaming demands. The deal also includes line rental and, as an added bonus, there aren't any activation fees. 

You will receive the Plusnet Reward Card once your broadband is setup and working. It then essentially works like any other preloaded cash card. This means you'll have £50 to spend online and in any stores that take Mastercard. However, as already mentioned, this is an offer that's for new connections only. 

If this deal is of interest then you have until February 1 to sign up. However, if you're already with Plusnet, or you think you might want faster broadband speeds, then instead you might want to take a look at our other top broadband deals.


Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra | 66Mbps average speeds | £23.99 per month | New customers only | 18-month contract | £50 Reward Card

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra | 66Mbps average speeds | £23.99 per month | New customers only | 18-month contract | £50 Reward Card
This broadband deal from Plusnet features their popular Unlimited Fibre Extra package, which as you might have guessed, comes with unlimited data as well as 66Mpbs speeds, all for £23.99 per month. This is more than enough for small to medium households who want to stream in UHD. Once you're successfully signed up, you will get a £50 Plusnet Reward Card. The 18-month package includes line rental and there aren't any activation fees, but act now as the offer expires on Feb 1. It's also for new connections only. 

Why choose Plusnet for your broadband?

Despite not yet offering ultrafast fibre, Plusnet is one of the UK's most popular broadband providers - and there are plenty of reasons why.

It tends to be on the more affordable side for the decent fibre speeds it offers and it even has some cheap ADSL options. What's more, because it uses BT's Openreach network, its coverage is widespread and accessible in the majority of the country. 

Plusnet has also been praised for the quality of its customer services. As such, it's no surprise that it has won awards for this. The company also typically tends to score highly on review sites. 

With Plusnet you can also easily access a variety of add-ons and extras, including a landline (with pay-as-you-call tariffs), additional security controls, a top-spec 'Hub Two' router, early access to new deals and the option to include BT Sport bundles.

If you want to see what other affordable offers are available with Plusnet right now, you should check out our latest cheap broadband deals page or see what's available near you using the widget below. 

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