Get one month of SIM only for free and money back for unused data with Smarty's SIM deals


If you're looking for a SIM only deal for an existing phone but have worries about over paying for data you don't need or won't use, Smarty is a cool network that has your back.

It offers good value SIM only plans at simple prices and it'll give you a refund for any data you don't use. There's no hassle and no claiming to be done - it'll simply look at your usage at the end of each month and refund you for your unused data.

We've featured Smarty on TechRadar's best SIM only deals page for a while because we think it's a great value service that's worth considering. And for the next couple of weeks, Smarty is running a deal that offers new SIM only customers one month for free - basically you sign up, pay your first month and then in your second month you pay absolutely nothing.

Smarty's SIM only deal

Smarty keeps things really simple and offers just three simple SIM deals - you can get 2GB data for £7.50 per month, 4GB data for £10 per month or 8GB data for £15 per month. All of these SIM only plans come with unlimited calls and texts.

There's no catch either. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you don't use any data at all, that doesn't mean your entire monthly fee refunded. The prices include a base price of £5 per month which is non-refundable - then you'll get £1.25 back into your bank account for every 1GB of data you don't use. So whichever plan you go for, if you use no data you'll only pay £5 per month and you'll still get unlimited calls and texts to play with.

Worried about reception? Again there's nothing to be afraid of - Smarty piggybacks on the Three network which covers 97% of the UK.

Smarty's 'one month free' SIM only deal will run until the end of next week.