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Are you in the market for a new 5G home broadband deal? Well, right now you can get a Three 5G hub with average download speeds of 150Mbps and unlimited data completely free for the first three months. This deal is a 24-month contract. After after the initial three free months, you'll need to pay £20 per month for the remaining 21 months of the contract. 

With this deal, you'll always get as much data as you need. Plus, you'll also get super fast average download speeds of 150Mbps. Thanks to these speeds, you'll find that multiple family members can download in UHD and stream in 4K simultaneously. In fact, Three says that all downloads are 'near instant'. 

In addition to this, as this deal is a 5G broadband offer, you don't need a landline and there's no need for an engineer to visit your home. This is because this is a 'plug and play' solution. This means all you'll need to do is add a SIM card to your router and plug it into the wall. 

Whether or not this deal is right for you will depend on two factors: whether a 5G home broadband deal suits your home's needs and whether you live in an area where 5G is currently available. 

If you're unclear on exactly what 5G home broadband deals involve, then take a look at our explainer guide, which also details the best 5G home broadband deals available right now. If 5G is unavailable in your area or you'd prefer to take out a traditional fixed-line deal, then take a look at our other top broadband deals instead. 


Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps download speeds | FREE for three months, then £20 per month | Unlimited data | 24-month contract 

Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps download speeds | FREE for three months, then £20 per month | Unlimited data | 24-month contract 
With this 5G home broadband deal from Three, you receive the company's 5G Hub completely free for the first three months of your 24-month contract. For the remainder of the deal, you then pay £20 per month. This deal comes with average download speeds of 150Mbps and unlimited data. This means that multiple family members can happily stream, download and watch films in UHD simultaneously without interruption. As an added bonus, Three also offers next day delivery if you order before 8pm. 

Why choose Three for 5G home broadband?

As our 5G home broadband guide explains, we currently believe that Three is the market leader when it comes to 5G broadband deals. This is because the provider not only offers cheap contracts (like this one), but it also offers fast speeds and unlimited data. Plus, the rollout of its 5G network is continuing at pace and availability is improving constantly. We also like the fact that the company provides next day delivery if you order before 8pm. 

While quite a few 4G and 5G home broadband solutions come with data caps, Three's deals all offer truly unlimited data. This means you'll never be kicked offline in the middle of an important Call of Duty battle or midway through an important series finale on Netflix. Plus, the rapid 150Mbps download speeds you receive will eliminate buffering and provide you with near-instant downloads. 

If you like this deal but don't want to make a 24-month commitment, then you'll be pleased to hear that Three also offers one-month rolling contracts. However, as you may expect, these are more expensive. 

Is a 5G home broadband solution right for me? 

5G home broadband solutions are different to the traditional fixed-line connections you receive with the majority of broadband deals. 

This is because these solutions allow you to receive ultrafast broadband speeds without the need for a landline or any fibre optic cables. Instead, these solutions instead harness the power of mobile data, just like your smartphone does when you're out and about. 

Thanks to this, when you take out a 5G home broadband deal, there's no need for an engineer to visit your home. Instead, you'll receive a SIM card and a router in the post. When your items arrive, all you need to do is insert the SIM card into the router and then plug it into the wall. Your router will then send out a Wi-Fi signal that all of your devices can connect to. As an added bonus, this also means that your 5G home broadband solution is portable and can be used anywhere with a plug. 

However, although 5G home broadband solutions provide users with a number of benefits, these solutions aren't right for everyone. For example, 5G still isn't widely available right now and coverage remains limited outside towns and cities. 

The first step to seeing whether 5G broadband is right for you is checking coverage in your area. If you find that 5G is available at your home, you can then compare the speeds you can expect to receive to those offered by traditional fixed-line connections and make an informed decision. 

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