GeForce RTX 3000 laptop GPU benchmarks have started to appear

GeForce RTX 3000 Laptop GPU benchmarks have started to appear
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Nvidia announced its GeForce RTX 30 series laptop GPUs, the next generation of mobile gaming hardware to power ray tracing gaming laptops, during its CES 2021 keynote. Three RTX 30 series SKUs were revealed: RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060, each promising differing levels of graphical output.

The laptops using these Ampere-based graphics cards won't be hitting the shelves until February 2021, but we can get an insight into the expected performance thanks to some benchmark results that have appeared on social media.

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As with all benchmarking leaks, this information is speculative and we won't be able to confirm if the scores are a true reflection of the mobile GPUs' capabilities until we can test the hardware for ourselves. The assumption so far is that reviewers or influencers have received some of the currently unreleased gaming laptops and leaked the benchmark scores via their connections.

Twitter user @harukaze5719 provided two leaked results for the RTX 3060 laptop GPU, scoring both 7852 and 8843 points in Time Spy. The difference in scores isn't clarified, though this could be down to two different devices using Max-P (normal specification) or Max-Q (power-limited for improved battery or slimmer laptops). Notebook Check has also reported that Nvidia won't offer Max-Q or Max-P branding Ampere mobile line of graphics cards, so there may be no clear way of knowing this information going forward.

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The RTX 3070 Laptop GPU is 11% to 24% faster than the RTX 3060 (depending on what Max-P/Max-Q variant was tested) having scored 9814 points in the same test. Notebook Check has also previously released benchmarking scores for all three of the new mobile GPUs on 3DMark Time Spy and Fire Strike, with a comparison list against the RTX 30 series desktop graphics cards and the previous generation of Turing-powered GeForce 20 series that have featured in top-line gaming laptops.

The results look positive if accurate, with the GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU results appearing to be consistent with those of the RTS 2080 Super desktop video cards. With the latest lines of gaming laptops becoming smaller, and with improved heating solutions, having that much power in slimline devices will make AAA gaming on the go could be a complete game-changer. We won't know the full accuracy of these scores until the laptops hit the market and we can run our own tests, but for now, we remain hopeful.

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