GeForce GTX 1650 rumor spills spec details, assures us GPU is imminent

Nvidia GeForce GTX
Image Credit: TechRadar

A fresh rumor claims that Nvidia is going to launch a third wallet-friendly non-RTX Turing graphics card – backing up previous speculation that three variants will be released this month and next – and some alleged specs for this GeForce GTX 1650 model have been shared.

To recap, the graphics grapevine insists that the GTX 1660 Ti launches tomorrow – and we’ve seen leaked pictures of retail product boxes to back up its existence – and that it will be followed by a vanilla GTX 1660.

Speculation about those video cards has been around for quite some time now, but last month, we also heard about a rumored GTX 1650 to sit at the bottom-end of the Turing range. And this is the GPU that industry sources are now ‘confirming’ the existence of, as Wccftech reports.

It will supposedly launch next month, as is the case with the GTX 1660 – although previous chatter has indicated that the 1650 will arrive slightly later in March.

We’ve also heard some spec details in this latest leak, with the GTX 1650 seemingly based on a different Turing GPU than the GTX 1660 Ti and 1660 (possibly the TU117 GPU, so the report contends).

Other alleged specs for the GTX 1650 include a base clock speed of 1485MHz, and it will run with 4GB of video RAM. That’s less than the 6GB which its bigger brother GTX 1660 models will pack.

Memory matters

What’s also worth noting on the video memory front is that while the GTX 1660 Ti is expected to use GDDR6 RAM, both the vanilla GTX 1660 and the 1650 could potentially use GDDR5. Again, that’s far from confirmed – indeed none of this is – and Nvidia may want to keep to the uniform usage of GDDR6 for the entire Turing range.

There was no further word on pricing in this fresh report, but we have heard previously that the 1660 Ti will be pegged at $279 (around £215, AU$390), with the GTX 1660 commanding an asking price of $229 (around £175, AU$320).

The 1650 is expected to be pitched at a sub-$200 price point, with $179 (around £135, AU$250) being mentioned in that rumor from last month. (Price conversions are provided for perspective – although the actual prices outside the US will doubtless be very different to this, as ever).

We should know all the gory details very soon, however, because as we noted at the outset, the GTX 1660 Ti is expected to be launched by Nvidia tomorrow, and the company will doubtless talk about the other GPUs if they are indeed in the pipeline and ready to be delivered imminently.

Nvidia could certainly use some more wallet-friendly options in its Turing range of graphics cards, given that since the launch of the RTX models – which boast ray tracing tech that the GTX flavors will lack – we’ve heard the company itself admit that gamers aren’t buying higher-end models because they’re simply too pricey.

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