UK stores outline plans to demo Microsoft Kinect

UK retailers are planning on ways of showing-and-telling customers about Microsoft's new Kinect tech later this year

Microsoft Kinect is now playable in all four of Microsoft's US retail stores, with UK retailers already formulating their own plans to show off the technology to British consumers later this year.

Microsoft has previously stated that it plans to launch Microsoft retail stores in London and other European cities, but we were unable to confirm any further planned dates for these store openings at time of publication.

That said, major British game retailers such as Game Stores Ltd and HMV have returned from E3 earlier this month with ideas for their own plans to showcase Kinect and PlayStation Move) tech when it arrives in stores in time for the Christmas season later this year.

Game and HMV enthused by Kinect

"The key to Kinect and to getting customers is obviously all about demonstration," Neil Ashurst, Head of UK PR for Game Stores Ltd told TechRadar.

"So at the moment our focus is looking at ways of doing that. Beyond that we don't have any specific details at present."

Over at HMV, the retailer's Head of Games, Tim Ellis informed us that: "The HMV team came back really enthused by E3, with regard to both the 3DS - which has the potential to take gaming to the next level, and also to Kinect, which is likely to find a significant audience with a market-responsive price."

The news of the Microsoft Kinect in-store demo stations was revealed via the Microsoft Store's Twitter feed, which simply said:

"Can't wait to play Kinect? Try it at Microsoft Stores nationwide!"

By 'nationwide' that means at one of the four stores in the US right now – in Scottsdale, Mission Viejo, San Diego and Lone Tree.

Kinect is due for release this coming November. TechRadar will be sure to find out more from all the major UK retailers about the plans to show off the new tech as we approach the pre-Xmas launch.