Surprise: those Nintendo NX controller leaks were elaborate fakes

Nintendo NX Controller
Nintendo NX Controller

Update: We've learned that this leak, along with the one that came before it, is the result of an elaborate, incredibly convincing hoax that the Reddit user has owned up to. The user even posted a video detailing how he created a 3D-printed render of the previous Photoshopped "leak".

The moral of this story, kids? Trust no one.

Original story follows...

If Nintendo wanted to keep its next system under wraps until E3 2016, it's not doing a very good job.

First, two patent documents slipped out on NeoGAF that painted a vivid picture of how the system would work before a marketing partner outed the system's features. Then, Nintendo watchdog Dr. Serkan Toto confirmed that Bandai Namco has more than one or two titles planned for the successor to the WIi U.

Now, we might have our first look at a genuine Nintendo NX controller, courtesy of a Reddit user going by the name "perkele37".

The controller in question matches the patent documents we saw a few months ago. You'll notice a distinct lack of traditional face buttons, which the patent says will be replaced by contextual controls on the touch screen.

The two control sticks, meanwhile, appear to be two small nubs that, according to perkele37, are similar in functionality to the Nintendo 3DS circle pad.

Nintendo NX Controller

Courtesy of perkele37/Reddit

Problematically, however, we have no way of knowing if these controllers are genuine prototypes or shoddy knockoffs constructed to shatter the hopes and dreams of millions of Nintendo fans patiently waiting for the next morsel of information.

Nintendo has yet to officially confirm what the controller looks like, let alone the real name of new system. The only concrete information we do have comes from a few brief words from late President Satoru Iwata, who said that its internal codename is NX and that he doubted it would be ready in 2015.

It's widely expected that Nintendo will show off its latest hardware at this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo, but with new leaks what feels like every day, Nintendo might have to set sail for new shores sooner rather than later.

Top image credit: perkele37/Reddit

Joe Osborne also contributed to this report.

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