The new Pokemon Sun and Moon wearable looks absolutely ridiculous

Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Ring
Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Ring

In case you missed it, there's going to be a new Pokemon game … well, two of them to be exact. Called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, they'll take place in the tropical locale of the Alola region and pack in dozens of new monsters to catch, train and battle.

And while there'll be plenty of new in-game items to go along with the pair of titles, one item – called the Z-Ring – is going to exist outside the game as well as a real-world wearable.

The Z-Ring (named after the Z-Move that it can activate) gives your Pokemon the ability to do a special attack once per battle and works by syncing up with your New Nintendo 3DS.

Apparently, using a Z-Move will cause the Z-Ring to vibrate and light up while your Pokemon unleashes its onslaught. The only prerequisite for the move is that your Pokemon is holding the corresponding Z-Crystal to their elemental type.

It's unlikely that you'll need the Z-Ring to activate the special attack, seeing as Nintendo has yet to announce pricing or availability details yet, but it's poised to add a more interactive element to the games.

At the risk of sounding like an old man telling children to vacate his lawn, I'm not sure I get the point of the new wearable other than to identify yourself as a Pokemon master-in-training.

But maybe that's a good thing?

Check out Z-Moves in their full glory at the end of this trailer

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