The animals of Far Cry 4 that are going to kill you, and the ones that'll save your life


"The eagles were interesting," says Alex. "You realise people never look up in games, they just look left right and down."

"It's hilarious to see them attack your enemies. When it's frustrating for the enemy it's funny. They're not that bad. You can avoid them if you listen. Because they're a flying animal they're hard to shoot down."

Indeed, Far Cry 4's eagles are tough to draw a bead on. They're incredibly hard to kill, and they like to swoop down and peck your head. You've been warned.

Jerk rating: 7/10


The animals of Far Cry 4

"You can ride the elephant, it's the only animal that you can. They're part of the ambiance."

Sure, but there's a fine line between ambiance and chaos in Far Cry 4. By far one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the elephant can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Ever seen an elephant headbutt a car so hard it exploded? You will.

Jerk rating: 3/10


A native of Tibet, the yak is a peaceful creature. Susceptible to getting a bit cranky if you shoot at it, though. Remember, these things are pretty big.

Jerk rating: 4/10


The animals of Far Cry 4

"In Far Cry 3, if you had a tiger [attacking you] you could go stand on a rock, but now the animals can climb." says Alex. "If you do that, a tiger is going to leap onto you. They're a lot smarter, they're a lot more aware of their surroundings."

More agile than ever, the tiger is one animal you're sure to come across a few times. Another good weapon though, so try to stay on their good side when possible.

Jerk rating: 7/10


These ones will attack you at the most inconvenient times, even when unprovoked. They're already a strong contender for For Cry 4's biggest jerks - congratulations, wolves. Then again, should you decide to chuck a bit of tasty bait amidst your enemies, a pack of wolves can cause a lot of problems.

Jerk rating: 8/10


The animals of Far Cry 4

"The rhinos can be annoying because they're brutes," Alex tells us. "So they will charge, and they are faster than you. They can be annoying. But you have to heckle them, they won't hunt you."

These ones are tough to fight off, but they're also incredibly useful for stomping on foes. You take the yin with the yang.

Jerk rating: 5/10

Honey Badger

Don't be fooled by their cuteness. These things will climb a tree to kill a snake and they can run backwards. They're aggressive, annoying, and you will want to throw things at them.

Jerk rating: 10/10


The animals of Far Cry 4

Release bears. Throw bait at baddies. Watch and laugh as bears mutilate baddies. Repeat.

We've already seen how powerful a weapon the bear can be. Just don't get on its bad side because it will maul you to death.

Jerk rating: 7/10

Demon Fish

Even when you're in the water, danger is around you. So beware the demon fish if you're planning a quick dip. They're basically massive piranhas - that's all you need to know.

Jerk rating: 8/10

Far Cry 4 is out on PS4, Xbox One, PC and previous-gen consoles on November 18 in the US and November 20 in the UK and Australia.

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