Star Fox Zero delayed until 2016 after 'big decision' from Miyamoto

Star Fox

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Star Fox Zero is going the same way as Zelda and won't launch this year after all.

The game was set to arrive in time for Christmas but Miyamoto has revealed that the game has been pushed back until Q1 2016 - a "big decision" that will allow for more spit and polish.

"Although we felt that the development had been progressing well, we now believe that we will need a little more time to work on areas such as the unprecedented discovery that we want players to experience in the game by using two screens, and further polishing the level designs and perfecting the tone of the cut scenes," reads Miyamoto's statement.

He also said that with the current development trajectory Star Fox Zero could meet its end-of-year deadline, but the team would prefer to improve the game "so that players will be able to more smoothly grasp the new style of play".

He added: "To the people looking forward to the launch of the game this holiday season, I am very sorry.

"Star Fox Zero is going to bring new game play and experiences that take it far beyond the framework established by Star Fox 64. All the members of the development team are doing our best so that the final product will not betray your expectations. And the game will not be delayed for a very long time – we're aiming to launch the game in Q1 2016. Please stay tuned for further announcements."

Hugh Langley

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