PSP and DS emulator spotted on iPhone 3GS

Apple's new iPhone 3GS running PSP and DS emulators
Apple's new iPhone 3GS running PSP and DS emulators

The new iPhone 3GS has been spotted in the wild running Sony PSP and Nintendo DS emulators running games such as the classic Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon.

Homebrew fans have been quick to turn Apple's latest smartphone into a gaming console, with videos on YouTube already showing off an iPhone 3GS playing Square's sublime RPG Final Fantasy VII and a Nintendo DS version of Pokemon.

"In both cases, you'd need to acquire your own BIOS from the original machine, which keeps the emulator developers just on this side of legal, but what's really being demonstrated here is the extra gaming oomph of the 3GS," notes Pocket Gamer.

Non-official play

While these emulators are not strictly official in any way and are certainly not going to be appearing on Apple's App Store anytime in the near future, we reported earlier this week than an 'official' Commodore 64 emulator for iPhone has also been developed – although that app is currently stuck in limboland with no word as yet if we will be able to purchase it to play all our favourite C64 retro classics anytime soon.

We also look forward to bringing you the first news on 'natural 3GS' games being developed for Apple's new iPhone in the very near future.

Via Pocket Gamer

Adam Hartley