PS4 goes street fighting for an Oculus Rift, gets completely torn down

Sony goes street fighting for an Oculus Rift, gets completely torn down
'Due to an unprecedented high number of street fights, we cannot take your call'

The fall from celebrity status is a long and ungraceful one - just ask the Street Fighter team. Ryu and the gang don't get the same sort of admiration or respect running a minicab company, but at least it pays the bills.

This week Sony's been circulating a not-so-mysterious video that strongly hints at an upcoming Street Fighter title for the PS4 - or a really dodgy taxi service.

The "Hadouken Cabs" video drops a number of explicit references to the Street Fighter games and also came accompanied by this website. Could it be teasing a PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV? Perhaps a whole new Street Fighter game entirely?

Or maybe it's actually some sort of Street Fighter-themed Crazy Taxi spin off where you get to K.O. unsavoury customers and backseat drivers.

Hold on, that actually sounds kind of fun. Someone get Capcom on the phone.


The MZ-T3W will cost you an arm and a leg, but it won't matter because you'll have virtual ones!

Snap back to virtual reality

Back in September, Sony was rumoured to be working on an Oculus Rift-style head mounted display for the PS4. But with the announcement of the HMZ-T3W headset at the same time, we wondered if some wires had possibly been crossed.

But one Neogaf user has just spotted two patents that were filed back in May, one for an audio system and another for a head mounted display, that could further hint at Sony's secret VR plans for the PS4.

The most interesting part is that both patents were invented by Sony Computer Entertainment senior development manager Simon Benson, and Ian Bickerstaff, a 3D specialist at Sony Computer Entertainment - both of who used to be part of Evolution Studios.

Interesting why? Because we'd already heard that Sony had been testing its VR hardware with Evolution's now-delayed PS4 title DriveClub.

Breaking down

What's the first thing you do when you bring home a new console? Do you carefully unwrap the box and admire the stunning architecture of your new box? Do you jump straight into one of those bundled games? Perhaps you like to spend some time getting to learn the new UI.

Us? We like to smash it open, pick apart the internal organs and then cry ourselves to sleep.

But this time Sony's done it for us. Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's engineering director, has carefully dismantled the console for your viewing pleasure. Gosh, we love a good heat sink.

Xbox One

Thank goodness made the cut

Dashingly handsome

Calendar fans will note we're just 13 days from the Xbox One launch, and yet, until yesterday, we still didn't really know a lot about how the damn thing will play with our TVs.

But on Friday we were bombarded with a bucketload of details on exactly how the dashboard will work, how we'll be using Kinect to navigate around the UI, and the launch apps we'll be playing with (UK and US).

Sure, the Xbox One has had a rough ride to get here, but we have to say that after seing these features working in the flesh we're more excited than we've ever been.

The bad news for UK Xbox fans is that you'll be bereft of the Xbox One Guide until some time next year. Sorry about that.

Mass tease

In case you weren't already aware that Mass Effect 4 is happening, it is. Bioware's been pretty open about its existence and even went to the extent of tweeting out a few teaser images this week.

So what can we tell from these tantilising pics? We know that this one is being made on computers, has characters, and will be set in a location. That's about as much as we can glean right now but our detectives are hard at work to bring you more.

We do know that Shepherd won't be making a return as Bioware confirmed he's been retired from the series. Shepherd, if you're reading this, we heard that Hadouken Cabs has some vacancies going. Just note that the interview process is a little unusual.

Anyway, enough from us. What else has been going down in Future town this week?


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