PlayStation 4 exposes its guts in a tear down anyone could do

The PS4 in organized, little piles

It's November already, meaning the console war is about to hit an all time high with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming out soon. But not before one of them shows the world what it's really made of - literally.

Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's engineering director, sat down with Wired to tear apart the PS4 bit by bit just so everyone can geek out over its individual pieces as they're displayed front and center on video.

With only four screws holding the back cover on, it seems like a pretty easy task to take apart your very own PS4. In fact the whole video is basically a step-by-step tutorial on dismantling the console - which may be due to the fact that the 500GB hard drive can easily be swapped out for any other larger capacity drive.

A few turns of the screwdriver here and there further reveal the motherboard, heat sink, power supply, optical drive and fan - components which don't seem to be modifiable since almost each item was specifically and specially designed by Sony as noted by Wired:

"It's a tight fit for all this hardware inside the rather slim PS4, but the console was carefully designed to efficiently move heat out of the enclosure, using two heat pipes and a specially designed centrifugal fan."

Speaking of the design...

American software designer Mark Cerny seems like an odd choice to lead a hardware team but his input has been a vital part of the design process.

Cerny's game designing experience has helped build a console that can better accommodate the needs of developers while containing impressive hardware.

The inclusion of an x86 chip - that's found in your typical computer - along with 8GB of GDDR5, shows the team's focus on power and simplicity in order to better serve game devs, who in turn will be able to create a better gaming experience for you.

The PlayStation 4 hits stores in the US on November 15 while European gamers will have to wait till November 29.