At last, Pokemon Go is now available in the UK

Pokemon Go

It's happened. It's here. Pokémon Go is now available in the UK on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The game began rolling out around the world on July 6 but was stalled before hitting the UK, as creator Niantic ironed out server problems caused by the huge demand.

Right now the UK iOS version won't let us progress past the sign-in screen, but hopefully that will be fixed very soon.

If you changed your iPhone's region to download the game before today, you'll want to delete the app and install the UK version.

Don't worry, all your data is attached to your Google or Pokémon Trainer Club account, but having it attached to your correct Apple ID will mean you can use microtransactions.

Concern and demand

Interestingly, EE has told us that 350,000 of its network users were playing the game in the UK on July 13, the day before its official launch, having used alternative means to download the app.

However, the game hasn't been received positively by everyone. This week the NSPCC called for the creators of Go to introduce safety features before launching it in the UK.

The UK's children charity expressed concerned following some (rare) cases of the game being used for nefarious means, including robbers using the game to lure victims, and in one case people wandering into a sex shop in Plymouth.

Following the UK launch of the game, an NSPCC spokesperson told us: "It's deeply troubling that the app's owners have ignored many warning signals and well documented child safety concerns.

"It would have been better if they had taken time to reflect on these and put their young users first. Pokemon Go is setting a precedent as the first augmented reality game on the market in the UK. It's very disappointing that child safety isn't at its heart."

Hugh Langley

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