Nintendo is pitting Pokémon Red and Blue fans against each other

Nintendo wants to know which Pokémon version you're willing to fight for

Hot off its Super Bowl 50 appearance, Pokémon is pitting another two teams against each other to settle a 20-year-old debate once and for all: Red or Blue?

The theme of the upcoming Splatfest - a regular multiplayer event in Splatoon, where players fight for one of two opposing sides - tasks players with representing their favorite original Pokémon game.

Polarizing teams are no stranger to Nintendo's multiplayer ink-'em-up, with past Splatfests vying cat versus dog lovers, rock versus pop fans, and even those who love pineapple on pizza against the haters.

Other Splatfests have even received official sponsors, such as Hasbro hosting Autobots versus Decepticons and instant noodle company Maruchan competing various flavors of its soups against each other in an Japan-exclusive event.

A grudge match isn't the only way Nintendo is celebrating Pokémon, as the company is also releasing Red and Blue in digital form for the first time as well as releasing special costumes for Mario Maker.

If you feel your Splatoon skills are up to snuff and you're ready to represent either Red or Blue, the Splatfest begins February 19 at 10pm PT (1am ET/6am GMT February 20).

The event is global, though Japanese players get to rep Pokémon Green instead of Blue, as Green and Red were the original lineup before the games went international in 1998.

The re-release of the classic Pokémon games hit the Nintendo eShop on February 27, and will present fans of catching them all yet another chance to demonstrate which version is their favorite.

Parker Wilhelm
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