Microsoft unconvinced by 3D games

Microsoft yet to be convinced by 'true' 3D gaming, claims Blitz Games boss
Microsoft yet to be convinced by 'true' 3D gaming, claims Blitz Games boss

UK games developer Blitz Games has admitted that it has an uphill struggle convincing platform holders such as Sony and Microsoft of the value of 'true' 3D gaming.

Blitz were showing an Xbox 360 game demo running on 3D-enabled screens to selected developers, platform holders and games publishing execs at the recent 3D Entertainment Summit in Hollywood.

In a recent interview with Develop magazine, Andrew Oliver, CTO of Blitz Games, admitted: "Those [platform holders] that have heard about it have been curious but not convinced.

Games like holograms

It is estimated that around 1.4 million 3D-ready TVs have already been sold.

For the technology to really take hold, it will require mass uptake of 3D TVs, as well as full support from the major games publishers and platform holders.

"Those who have seen it have loved it and agree that it looks stunning and almost feels like we've moved on a console generation," adds Andrew Oliver.

"The games start to look like holograms and very quickly you forget you are wearing glasses."

We will be sure to bring you all the latest news on developments in the world of 3D gaming as and when we get them.

You can read the full interview with Blitz Games' Andrew Oliver right here.

Adam Hartley