Japanese gamers want to play Mario in 3D

Japanese gamers would most like to play a 3D version of Mario, unsurprisingly
Japanese gamers would most like to play a 3D version of Mario, unsurprisingly

Sony is pushing 3D gaming on PlayStation 3 this coming Christmas holiday season and into 2011, with major AAA-titles such as Gran Turismo 5, Motorstorm 3: Apocalypse and

Killzone 3

all set to show off the tech.

Nintendo is also pushing its own new 3D gaming tech, with the glasses-free 3DS console set to arrive in the UK later this spring. Microsoft remains firmly on the fence when it comes to 3D gaming, prefering to focus instead on the potential of Kinect in 2011.

Anyone for 3D Mario?

But what are the big gaming franchises that the hardcore gaming fraternity in Japan want to see given the 3D treatment on the big HD screen in their lounge?

A new survey in Japan by research firm goo Ranking polled over a thousand gamers to find out what they would most like to play on their shiny new 3D TV.

The results of the goo survey, cunningly entitled which game series would people like to play on a big screen 3D television, showed that most of those polled want to see our friendly chunky plumber Mario given a 3D-makeover.

Here's the full list of Japan's top 30 most-wanted 3D games:

1.) Super Mario series
2.) Mario Kart series
3.) Final Fantasy series
4.) Resident Evil series
5.) The Legend of Zelda series
6.) Super Smash Bros. series
7.) Dynasty Warriors series
8.) Monster Hunter series
9.) Street Fighter series
10.) Dragon Ball series
11.) Gran Turismo series
12.) Winning Eleven series
13.) Tekken series
14.) Metal Gear Solid series
15.) Tomb Raider series
16.) Ace Combat series
17.) Silent Hill series
18.) Virtua Fighter series
18.) Love Plus series
20.) Ridge Racer series
21.) F-Zero series
21.) The House of the Dead series
23.) StarFox series
24.) Siren series
25.) Medal of Honor series
26.) Call of Duty series
27.) Virtual-On series
28.) Need for Speed series
28.) Panzer Dragoon series
30.) Space Harrier series

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