JamLegend on PC lets you rock out to any tune

JamLegend on PC lets you rock out to any tune you like
JamLegend on PC lets you rock out to any tune you like

JamLegend – the free online rhythm music game for PC – now allows gamers to upload any tune that they like and then lets them rock out to it in the game.

JamLegend is clearly riding high on the wave of popularity of games such as Activision's Guitar Hero and MTV/Harmonix's Rock Band, with annual sequels and refreshes of both of those franchises now a fixture on the gaming industry calendar.

The limitations of those console titles are that gamers can only play along to those tunes approved and readied by the publishers and developers to be played in their games. JamLegend solves this issue, but offering you the option to upload whatever choice classic guitar tunes you like.

Of course, Jam Legend has its own limitations – not the least being the fact that you don't get to play it on a pretend plastic guitar controller, but on a PC keyboard instead! Still, it's a hugely fun diversion, if you have some time to kill.

Feel the beat

JamLegend's devs have made innovative use of digital signal processing and beat detection, in order to convert a song into a playable track within the space of a couple of minutes.

Right now, the game is free, but TechCrunch reports that JamLegend "is hoping to use [this new feauture] it to start monetizing the site.

"Users can upload up to five of their own tracks at once, and each week they can swap out one of these for a new one (in other words, there's a waiting period before you can add new songs)...If you'd like to have more songs available at once, the site offers an entry-level premium package for $5 a month, which allows for up to 100 tracks at once, or a $20/month package for 500 songs."

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Adam Hartley