Here's how to pre-register for Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo


Just off the back of its quarterly financials, Nintendo has announced how we'll be able to get our hands on its first smartphone and tablet app, Miitomo.

Miitomo will launch in March for iOS and Android, but you'll be able to pre-register from February 2016.

While Nintendo has already spoken about the app, many of the details remain unclear. It describes Miitomo not as a game but a "social experience" in which users can interact with their friends by asking questions (such as "Do you believe in aliens?") and then using the answers for… something. We're still not sure how it's all going to work, but it looks a lot like 3DS title Tomodachi Life.

Players in the game will be represented as Mii characters (Miitomo actually means "Mii friends"), which anyone who's ever played a Wii or Wii U will be familiar with.


To pre-register for Miitomo you'll have to create a Nintendo Account, which you'll be able to do from February 17 using a Nintendo Network ID, social network account or simply an email address.

Additionally, Nintendo announced that its My Nintendo rewards program will be launch alongside Miitomo, and will interact with the app.

My Nintendo, which replaces Club Nintendo , is described as "more comprehensive" than a traditional rewards programs. Points are split into Gold and Platinum. You'll get Platinum points for logging into your My Nintendo account, while Gold points will be awarded for buying Nintendo consoles and games.

Plus, subscribers will get a Miitomo bonus if they create a Nintendo Account between February 17 and the launch of Miitomo.

Finally, Nintendo reiterated that it will be pushing out five smartphone/tablet apps before March 2017. That aside, this year is set to be huge for Nintendo, with the company set to announce (and maybe launch) its new console, currently codenamed the NX.

Hugh Langley

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