Report: Nintendo 3DS video downloads to start Wednesday

3DS - 3D video on the way
3DS - 3D video on the way

Nintendo has apparently announced its 3DS video download UK launch date – with the eagerly anticipated service set to arrive on 13 July.

The date appeared on the official sites news headline ticker, although the company later pulled the article.

According to CVG: "There are headlines for the press release on our RSS feed and even still on the official site's news headline ticker, but clicking through to it (at the time of writing) just kicks out a 404 error."

Days away

With the date set at tomorrow, it won't be long until the news is either confirmed or proved wrong, but it will nevertheless spark enthusiasm from 3DS owners who have been waiting for the service.

That would mean the Nintendo Video application will be available on the shop to download region-specific content (from Sky in the UK, for instance) automatically, but not for permanent archive on the device.

"This service allows your Nintendo 3DS system to use the SpotPass feature to download 3D videos, so users can view new 3D videos each day," explained Nintendo's Daiji Imai on Monday.

"Until now, people have only been able to see 3D images in movies. That experience will now become much closer to them. And what's more, if SpotPass is activated, the videos come in automatically."

Via CVG / Kotaku

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