GTA Online's next update lets you be the CEO of a criminal organization

GTA Online's new update expands your criminal empire

Summer vacation may not necessarily be a thing for everyone playing Grand Theft Auto Online, but they may want still take a few days off of work this June as Rockstar announced the next step for the open-world crimefest.

"Further Adventures in Finance and Felony," the follow-up to December's "Executives and Other Criminals" expansion, will be "one of GTA Online's biggest and deepest updates yet," claims Rockstar's official announcement.

Building upon Executives and Other Criminals' introduction of player-operated crime syndicates, Finance and Felony allows players to expand out from a being a simple thug into running a full-fledged underground empire, complete with a CEO title and over-compensatory sports car to match.

More details to come

Rockstar has provided regular support for PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA Online since the mode's launch.

Despite adding in-game content for players like clothing, cars, and weapons, the free expansions also function as patches to keep the massive multiplayer experience stable.

Like other updates, Finance and Felony will also feature new vehicles and play modes to tool around with as you build up your virtual cabal. Rockstar will unveil more details next week when it drops the official trailer for the online expansion.

Parker Wilhelm
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