Gamepark Wiz and Pandora delayed

Pandora's magic box delayed, as well as Gamepark's Wiz
Pandora's magic box delayed, as well as Gamepark's Wiz

In what is perhaps the most disappointing tech news of the week, delays have hit the two new open-source handheld gaming consoles Gamepark Wiz and Pandora.

It's looking like both systems will not see commercial release until early 2009, meaning that you will have to make do with your DS or PSP to get your handheld gaming fix in this Christmas (unless you were lucky enough to get hold of a new Nintendo DSi on import from Japan already).

Gamepark Wiz delay

Gamepark Holdings has dropped the developer responsible for sorting out a 3D Flash-driven menu for its new system and, according to the forums, the system will feature a 2D Flash menu instead, with a 'higher' version of the software framework.

"[Gamepark] apologise for the delayed launch and also said that it was really painful for them to come to that decision, but they feel that customer satisfaction is more important than an earlier launch," reads the post.

"I agree with this as I can imagine how many flame posts we would have gotten if they hadn't decided to sort out all the issues and a delay was the only way out of the vendor letting them down."

Pandora's box

The first batch of Pandora units sold out to developers immediately, but now the manufacturer is experiencing problems with the LCD screens.

"Well, one thing we're not very happy about is the LCD delivery," reads a post on the Pandora blog.

"We're most probably having problems getting all the LCDs in time, so not all Pandoras can be delivered right away... we're trying all we can to get it to you, but basically, it can even take until 2009 until we get all LCDs. Nobody knows yet - not even the manufacturer. It reminds me of the European launch of the PSP back in 2005... planned for March, it had to be delayed for a few months because LCDs were not finished in time. Funny, eh?"

TechRadar is itching to get our mitts on both systems, so we will be keeping our beady eye on developments from both companies over the coming weeks.

Adam Hartley