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E3 2010: Molyneux's Milo & Kate demoed

Milo and Kate from Peter Molyneux is still in development, but not being demoed to press at E3 2010
Milo and Kate from Peter Molyneux is still in development, but not being demoed to press at E3 2010
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Peter Molyneux's intriguing Kinect title, Milo and Kate, which wowed the crowds at E3 2009 was notable by its absence at this year's event, although the British games development legend insists that it is being demoed, only behind closed doors and only to celebrities.

Molyneux's Kinect title was missed by many gamers at the show, with Microsoft choosing to show off nearly-finished Kinect games such as Kinect Sports (from developer Rare), Joy Ride and Kinectimals.

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Where is Milo?

But what of Milo & Kate at this year's E3? CVG managed to catch up with Molyneux in Los Angeles, who was on hand to talk about his other big game at this year's event, Fable III.

According to Molyneux, the title is currently only being demoed to celebrities and select viewers at E3 this week, with Microsoft requesting that press not be shown the game at this stage in its development.

"Milo still exists - absolutely, it still exists," Molyneux told CVG. "In fact, famous people are seeing it as we speak, probably. We're just not showing it to the press. "There's a very interesting reason why, but I can't tell you why. It absolutely exists."

In typically ebullient form, Molyneux added that Milo is '10 times more amazing' than his 2009 demo and he feels that it is "robust" enough for single-player trials.

"I promise you it is now ten times more amazing than you'd expect it to be from what you saw at [E3 2009]," said Molyneux. "Because what I showed in Milo then was just a tech demo. I think everyone asked: 'That was pretty fascinating, but what does it all mean?'

"It's only when you see it in its entirety and play it that you realise it's robust enough for people to play on their own."