Designer unveils PlayStation Enso concept

If, like us, you have ever found yourself idly wondering what your PlayStation console might look like in the year 2018, then this latest concept art from designer Harold Smook is sure to tickle your gaming fancy.

Yanko published the pics you can see right here of Smook's Playstation Enso 2018, announcing that: "design-wise the console takes inspiration from the Japanese and Buddhist Zen elements, with the premise being based on the symbol called Enso (meaning the glow of enlightenment).

"Since it's a progressive design, naturally it hosts quite a few new features that will make it the talk of 2018, that's when we can expect a new PS5."

PS Enso's dream specs

Yanko even goes so far to publish its own 'dream specs' that it would like to see packed into the Playstation Enso, which are as follows:

- USB 4 connection
- DVD Drive with terabyte capacity
- Backward compatibility with DVD and CD data
- SD memory slots for terabyte capacity memory disks
- Wireless Controls
- Wireless Connectivity with Internet
- Console will have rechargeable batteries
- 3D projector that projects 3D images into the physical space between you and display device
- Touch buttons for power and eject
- Blue Lights that glow in correlation to the battery status

Also, if that wasn't good enough for you, the controllers will be able to harness the kinetic energy from your hand movements for charging purposes!

We await further dream console concepts from Yanko's army of friendly designers in the coming months. Next up, the Xbox 1080 (seeing as the 720 is soooo 2008) and Nintendo's XR Wii-i…

Adam Hartley