Side-by-side: Xbox One gamepad vs Xbox 360 gamepad

Microsoft had a demo of this available at E3 2013, buzzing during various game-like instances like when firing a gun or accelerating and braking with the right and left trigger buttons.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360 controller comparison

The back of the Xbox One controller doesn't have a bulge

Xbox One controller battery

Believe it or not, Microsoft is still going with two AA batteries tucked inside a sleeker controller back, and selling a separate Xbox One Charge and Play kit.

However, this next-generation console's rechargeable battery pack is lithium-ion, which the company promises will cut the charge time in half compared to the Xbox 360's NiMH battery packs.

Likewise, it is said to run hundreds of cycles so gamers can play and charge over and over again without battery wear.

The Xbox One Charge and Play kit will come with a 9-foot micro USB cable, Microsoft confirmed to TechRadar.

Even better, the company said that you can use your own micro USB cable to make the Xbox One wireless controller a wired gamepad at any time.

This contrasts with the Xbox 360 controller that had separate wired controllers no one wanted, and more expensive wireless controllers.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360 controller comparison

The Xbox One controller isn't weighing us down

Comfortable, Lightweight

The expanding video game market means that Microsoft is out to please everyone with its new Xbox One controller, specifically improving the comfort and design for a wider range of hands.

Testing it out in Japan, Germany, the U.K. and U.S., the company changed the contours on the controller with smaller hands in mind. Female gamers were mentioned as an example of this market research.

Everyone should also appreciate the fact that the Xbox One feels more lightweight than the Xbox 360 controller, making the process of holding a controller an afterthought - without actually forcing players to go controller-free with Kinect.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360 controller comparison

The bottom contains a new high-speed data port

The bottom of the barrel

The bottom of the Xbox One controller is where the less exciting expansion port and high-speed radio are located.

The expansion slot allows for faster data transfer between the controller and Xbox One console, so sound will be clearer than it was on the Xbox 360.

This is especially important for gamers who use Xbox One game chat. Those very people will be interested in knowing that Microsoft unveiled a new chat headset that snaps right into this port. It includes a familiar voice and mute button.

Matt Swider