PS3 beating Xbox 360 for VOD content

PS3 - the place for movie downloads
PS3 - the place for movie downloads

Sony has laid the VOD smackdown on Xbox 360 by announcing it now has 40 studio partners offering movies to its on-demand service – making it the biggest provider console-wise of downloadable content.

Although the service is yet to reach UK shores – it's expected sometime this month – the amount of content available in the US version of the service is a pretty good indication of what to expect.

Most content boast

The new studios who have signed on the dotted line with Sony include: Lucasfilm, Cinetic FilmBuff, ContentFilm International, Image Entertainment, MPI Media Group and New Video.

This means the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series are now available for US users.

"PlayStation Network now boasts the most content of any downloadable video delivery service through a videogame console available today," says the Sony statement with the company announcing that now 40 film distributors are signed up to the service.

The content equates to around 2,300 movies and more than 14,000 TV shows. Or, if you want to get a little more detailed, around 10,000 hours of downloadable content.

This is in stark contrast with the state of the VOD service just before it launched last July, where unsurprisingly only Sony was offering content.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 does have one quite major advantage at the moment, though, and that is its integration of the Sky Player.

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