Pre-order the invisible console - PS4 pre-sales open for business

Pre-order the invisible console - PS4 pre-sales open for business
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The console itself may have been a no-show, but that's not going to stop anyone parting you from your hard-earned cash by pre-ordering the PS4.

Despite an absence of release date, pricing or, indeed, hardware, Game will reserve you a PlayStation 4 console for a deposit of £20.

You can do so in-store or online, although you're unlikely to receive the actual hardware until close to Christmas, if not beyond.

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Another site, ShopTo, has estimated the cost of the console at £400, although it's not clear what that's based on. It's also listing the DualShock 4 controllers at £45 and a host of launch titles for £50 each.

Amazon, meanwhile, has a dedicated PS4 section where you can't yet pre-order but you can sign up for updates as soon as the console becomes available.

And, of course, one plucky customer has already given the PS4 a five-star review. Now that's confidence.

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