Amazon UK cancels £199 Nintendo Wii U pre-orders

Amazon UK cancels £199 Nintendo Wii U pre-orders
No summer lovin' for expectant Wii U fans

Amazon UK is refunding shoppers who pre-ordered the Nintendo Wii U this week, after a page appeared promising a premature July release date.

The listing, which has since been removed, offered delivery on July 14 and the console itself for £199, reports industry publication MCV.

The £199 price point does seem pretty realistic. The company launched the original console for £179 in the UK but, with the touchscreen controller bundled-in, that cost will surely be driven up.

Nintendo is unlikely to smack a huge price-tag on the Wii U after largely failing to engage 3DS buyers until it initiated a pretty sizeable price cut in the western territories.

Summer, schmummer

While that price-tag seems on point, it's difficult to imagine where Amazon summoned that summer release date from.

All indications point to a pre-Christmas launch in the UK and the US, with the smart money being on late October or early November.

In any case the subsequent withdrawal of these orders would surely have disappointed those poor souls who were banking on receiving the console next month

Are you excited enough about the Nintendo Wii U to pre-order the device months in advance? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: MCV

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