Blizzard launches WoW mouse

World of Warcraft: How do you kill that which has no life? With this.

Blizzard, in cahoots with peripherals specialists, SteelSeries, is launching a dedicated World of Warcraft gaming mouse, with an impressive (or ridiculous, dependent on personal POV) fifteen buttons.

Yes. FIFTEEN (see the pic if you doubt us).

There are more gamers in World Of Warcraft than actual human beings in Greater London, with fewer of the actual human beings in Greater London area slay each other on a daily basis (*except in certain areas of Hackney, Streatham and Brixton).

Blizzard's new World Of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse pretty much means that WoW players (addicts) will no longer have to bother fiddling around with a keyboard each time they wish to cast a spell or slaughter an elf with your shiny new broadsword.

Which is a good thing, we suppose.

The WoW mouse features macros for up to 160 characters with 130 pre-defined commands which you can drag and drop into the macros you create.

If you like lights, this mouse is going to blow your tiny mind with "16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity and pulsation levels".

What else? Oh, hell, its a mouse. If you like WoW then pre-order one right now, right here for $99 (£58).