Facebook's latest gaming move has Twitch and YouTube Gaming in its sights

Facebook is already connected to games in a lot of ways, especially on mobile where users can log in using their Facebook accounts. 

Now, Facebook is looking to get even more mixed in with a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that puts a strong emphasis on game streaming, especially on the popular front of PC gaming. And, this isn't Facebook's first shot at game streaming, either.

For developers, the new SDK is positioned as a way to draw in more community engagement and get gamers sharing. It will also offer them analytics on gamer activity.

But, livestreaming is clearly positioned front and center. With solo streamers setting records on Twitch, it's a market plenty want to get a bite of. Twitch, YouTube and Mixer are all competing for the same pie. Now, Facebook is working on getting itself a good slice.

PC Game developers can also now reward viewers

PC Game developers can also now reward viewers

Only last January, Facebook landed an exclusive eSports streaming deal with the ESL for Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive competitions. The new SDK has the possibility of bringing even more livestreams to Facebook. 

A particular advantage the SDK has is that it doesn't require any extra special software or hardware to handle the streams, lowering the barrier of entry for gamers to put their streams in front of viewers. It will also enable a clipping feature similar to the social sharing seen on Sony and Microsoft consoles.

While much hinges on how many developers make use of the new SDK, it's likely to give Facebook a little more firepower against its stiff competition. The new SDK will be available for developers soon, and applies to mobile, PC and console gaming.

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