Essential Phone is now $200 cheaper making it only $499


The Essential Phone launched earlier this year to a bit of a whimper with most highlighting software issues, camera problems and the very expensive price point.

However, it seems one of those issues has just been solved with Essential dropping the price of the device by $200.

That now means you can buy the Essential Phone in the US for only $499, a much more palatable amount than the $699 first asking price for the device.

Anyone who recently put money down on an Essential Phone is sure to be disappointed though, which such a significant reduction just two months after launch. 

To try and make up for it the company is offering those who bought the phone before October 22 a $200 discount code for either another Essential Phone or a Essential 360 camera add on.

Big drop

In a blog post, Essential said, "We want to make it even easier for you to experience our products and our brand. So starting today we're offering Essential Phone for $499 on" That quote suggests the price will be staying this low in the future.

What's currently unclear is whether Essential is planning to bring the device to other markets around the world. 

At the $499 price point we'll expect to see it launch at around £400 in the UK or AU$640 in Australia, and we'll be sure to keep you updated if we hear more on a worldwide release.