Elon Musk effect: Twitter may finally get an 'edit' button

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Whatever Tesla CEO Elon Musk does cannot be ignored. That would include even an innocuous Twitter poll. And in the process, he might help Twitter users get what they have been clamouring for all these years: An edit button for the tweets they make.

The man, who has picked 9.2% stake in Twitter worth nearly $3 billion and is the micro-blogging site's largest shareholder now, this morning ran a seemingly ordinary poll, something that is dime-a-dozen on the platform. In the poll, the question posed by Musk was: "Do you want an edit button?" The choices for responding were straightforward: Yes or No.

In the normal scheme of things, the poll may have died an unceremonious death, like almost all such polls do on the platform.

Twitter CEO jumps into the act

But within a few minutes of the poll, the incumbent CEO Parag Agrawal Quote-Tweeted the poll, with a cryptic line: "The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully."

Well, coming from the man who heads the platform, this is now seen as a hint towards a possible 'edit' button being introduced by twitter based on the poll result.

And as per indications as of now, Twitter users seem to be voting with their feet in favour of an 'edit' button. Close to 75% of the poll respondents are for the much-demanded tweak button.

Recently, on April 1, Twitter had tweeted a message on its official account, saying it was working on the long-awaited 'edit' feature. When asked if the tweet was a joke, the company had said, "We cannot confirm or deny but we may edit our statement later."

Twitter users have been asking for the option to edit tweets ever since the platform launched in 2006, but the company has always prevaricated on it. However, two years back, its then CEO Jack Dorsey, in response to a question on whether the site will introduce an 'edit' option, said: "The answer is no." So many thought that the issue was closed.

But now with a new CEO, and an even more high-profile stakeholder in place, Twitter is perhaps is 'editing' its previous stated position.

PS: There is still some time (around 15 hours) left for the poll to end. You can still vote and get across your choice. 

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