EA is still barely releasing any footage of Dragon Age 4 – but now we have a title

Dragon Age
(Image credit: Bioware)

One of the most anticipated reveals at the Game Awards 2020 was whatever Dragon Age 4 was going to be, and we finally know its title. It's just Dragon Age. 

The trailer was basically just Solas, a major character from Dragon Age: Inquisition, narrating something about how he's faced tyrants and how we need a new hero. All of this set to some pretty vague footage, but it's more than we had before.

That's basically all we got, with no hint of when Dragon Age will actually be coming out or even which platforms it will be released on. 

Time to keep waiting

Just like EA and Bioware did with Mass Effect: Andromeda, it looks like we're just going to get a slow drip-feed of information about the next fantasy RPG until it finally launches. 

We still don't know even a vague window of when we might see Dragon Age hit store shelves, or even which platforms the RPG will be on when it finally comes out. It's likely going to be seen on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, but at this point it's anyone's guess. 

Dragon Age players will have to keep waiting until the Game Awards 2021, when we get another short teaser about the game with no actual information. 

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