Ducati reveals luxury electric scooters for city streets and muddy trails

Ducati electric scooter
(Image credit: Ducati)

Ducati has unveiled a new range of high-end electric scooters, with models for both streets and rough trails.

Although best known for its heritage in motorbikes, this isn't Ducati's first venture into other two-wheelers. The company has been making electric bikes with various partners for several years, and revealed its first electric mountain bikes in 2018. 

The bikes are powerful, stylish and very expensive, with prices ranging from €3,699 (about $4,000 / £3,300 / AU$6,200) all the way up to €8,890 (about $9,600 / £8,000 / AU$15,000).

Prices for the new e-scooters are yet to be announced, but judging by the specs we're expect they'll put a pretty hefty dent in your bank balance too. Their motors will range in power from 250W (which is standard for most electric scooters) to 500W.

You'll find the most powerful motor on the Ducati Scrambler Cross-E scooter (pictured above), which is designed for rough roads and trails rather than city streets. It also features fat anti-puncture tires, has a top speed of 21mph (though, like any electric scooter, it'll do significantly less uphill), and a large LCD display on the handlebars. 

City slicker

The Pro II scooter is intended for smoother roads, with a slimmer profile and less powerful motor, and more subtle design than the tractor-like Cross-E. Both models have both an electric rim brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear, helping you stop swiftly in an emergency.

Ducati electric scooter

(Image credit: Ducati)

The Cross-E is expected to hit the trails on June 20, with the Pro II following close behind on July 6. Two more models will join the range later, with the whole set being available to buy (if your budget can stretch to it) before the end of the year.

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