Dropbox is making big moves in the video space

Dropbox Replay
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Dropbox is making it even easier for distributed teams to work with video files with the release of its new video-focused online collaboration tool.

Dropbox Replay, which was first announced back in September, is now officially in open beta and the tool allows users to connect with the video storage and sharing workflows that are already taking place inside its cloud storage service.

Not only can users add videos from Dropbox or their local storage and view them in a professional-grade player with high-quality playback but they can also effortlessly share video for review with teammates and clients even if they don't have a Dropbox account. As Dropbox Replay is a collaboration tool first and foremost, users can  leave frame-accurate comments and annotations so others know exactly what they're talking about in a video.

Since watching content using video conferencing software isn't the best experience due to choppy playback, Dropbox Replay also includes a live review feature in which high-definition playback is synchronized so everyone is watching the same part of a video at the exact same time.

Dropbox Replay integrations

When using Dropbox Replay for video editing, comments stay with each video version so that editors can easily go back and reference feedback from their teammates at a later time.

Speaking of video editing, Dropbox has designed its new video collaboration tool in such a way that it works with the tools you already use through both direct partnerships and integrations with Adobe, Blackmagic Design and other video editing software providers.

For instance, the Dropbox Replay extension for Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to instantly view and act on feedback from Replay directly from within Adobe's software. Users can also important Replay comments onto their Premiere Pro timeline with a single click and then export new versions to Replay without leaving the program.

Dropbox is also developing an integration with Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve that will allow users to sync frame accurate feedback, comments, markers and annotations from Dropbox Replay automatically to their DaVinci Resolve timeline. Meanwhile Dropbox Replay presets will allow them to set up rendering quickly and easily.

Finally, the Dropbox Replay integration with LumaFusion, one of the best video editing apps, lets users collaborate with other creators directly inside of LumaFusion while Dropbox's WeVideo integration allows teams to create and edit videos in WeVideo and export directly to Replay.

Users interested in checking out Dropbox Replay can sign up here to join the beta and we'll likely hear more from Dropbox once we get closer to the official launch of its new video collaboration tool.

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