Dropbox is beginning to look more and more like a collaboration tool

Dropbox Capture
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The cloud storage (opens in new tab) provider Dropbox (opens in new tab) has announced three new products designed to make it easier for distributed teams to work together from anywhere.

For many employees, working from home (opens in new tab) has led to endless hours of video meetings, constant chat messages and long emails as opposed to the dynamic communication that comes from being together in the same room. This has been even worse for those who work across time zones which is why Dropbox has created a new all-in-one visual communication tool.

With Dropbox Capture (opens in new tab), teams can share their work and ideas asynchronously using short video messages to communicate with their coworkers in less time. The new tool also makes it easier to present your work by allowing users to quickly take screen recordings, screenshots and even GIFs.

At the same time, Dropbox Capture can be used to record and share status updates and work-in-progress with other team members as opposed to having to attend a meeting using video conferencing software (opens in new tab). Dropbox Capture is now in beta and users with either a personal or business plan can test it out for themselves now.

Dropbox Replay and Dropbox Shop

Dropbox has also announced a new online collaboration tool (opens in new tab) that simplifies the process of sharing video content with team members.

Dropbox Replay makes it easier to collect, manage and respond to feedback all in one place. With the new tool, users can share videos with their team so that they won't need to download a video or take separate notes in an email (opens in new tab) or using office software (opens in new tab) to provide feedback. Dropbox Replay also allows users to leave frame-accurate comments and annotations even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

The new tool even includes a Live Review feature to bring the viewing room experience to life virtually so that users can bypass choppy playback on video calls. Dropbox Replay will launch in beta soon and interested users can join the waitlist now by signing up here (opens in new tab).

Finally, Dropbox is making it easier for content creators to monetize their content with Dropbox Shop. The new service allows users to sell all of the digital content creations they have stored in their cloud storage. Users can create product listings in three clicks and automatically deliver content upon payment so they don't have to worry about delivering content to customers themselves. Just like Dropbox Replay, Dropbox Shop is also launching in beta soon and interested users can sign up here (opens in new tab) to join the waitlist.

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