DJI FPV drone will fly off the shelves in this 20% off Amazon Black Friday price cut

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If you've been eyeing up the unique DJI FPV drone but have previously baulked at its price tag, today is good time to finally snap one up – it's just been given a 20% price cut in Amazon's Black Friday sales.

The First Person View (FPV drone), which gives you the sensation of flying like an eagle thanks to its bundled FPV Goggles, is on sale for £999 (was £1,249) in Amazon's Black Friday deals. This equals the drone's lowest-ever price, making it a great time to grab DJI's FPV flying machine while it's still in stock.

If you're slightly nervous about crashing your new drone, you can also get a 22% discount on the DJI FPV's Care Refresh bundle, which includes a year of cover for accidental damage and up to two replacement drones. If you live near a forest or a lot of electricity pylons, that could be the deal to go for. 

Today's best early Black Friday drone deals

DJI FPV Combo £1,249£999 at Amazon

DJI FPV Combo £1,249 £999 at Amazon
Looking for a fun, user-friendly way to get into FPV drones? DJI's bundle is the most polished around and is an impressive 20% off in this deal. You get everything you need to fly like an eagle, including the 4K video-shooting drone, DJI's excellent FPV Goggles, and the remote controller. The DJI FPV's GPS and collision sensors are also on hand to make it a safe flying experience.

DJI FPV Combo (with 1-year Care Refresh) £1,409£1,099 at Amazon

DJI FPV Combo (with 1-year Care Refresh) £1,409 £1,099 at Amazon
Nervous flier? This DJI FPV drone bundle comes with one year of Care Refresh cover, which covers you for accidental damage and includes up to two replacement drones in the year. It's a sensible way to protect your FPV, which can shoot 4K/60p video for some impressively cinematic, aerial action clips.   

In our DJI FPV review, we called the drone "fun in capital letters" thanks to its "incredibly immersive flying experience" and impressive image quality. This experience is supplied by the bundled DJI Goggles, which provide an excellent bird's-eye view from the drone as it pelts through the air at up to 87mph.

As you'd expect from a DJI drone, the whole flying experience is very polished and a far cry from the (albeit cheaper) custom or self-built drones that are more common in FPV drone flying. It's ideal for beginners, but also has a 'manual' mode for more experienced pilots who want a little more control over their flying experience.

Aside from the limitation that you legally need to be joined by a 'spotter' when flying the DJI FPV (because it isn't possible to keep the drone in line-of-sight while wearing the Goggles), our only real issue with it has been the slightly high price tag – but this Amazon Black Friday deal significantly reduces that barrier, making it a great opportunity to experience FPV drone flying while simultaneously recording stunning video of your aerial adventures.

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