Samsung SmartThings devices launch in the UK to give your home an IQ boost

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung first announced its range of SmartThings connected home devices at IFA, and now they're available to buy in the UK from Currys PC World and

The SmartThings platform is based around the Samsung's Hub, which will be the new beating heart of your connected home. The Hub plugs into the back of your router and wirelessly connects hundreds of compatible devices, letting you monitor, control and secure your home from a single app.

The main manifestation of SmartThings' openness is that the platform will be compatible with existing smart home/automation protocols, such as Zigbee and Z-Wave.

SmartThings Devices

Of course, as well as third party products Samsung has also developed its own SmartThings range of devices. These include:

A Multi-Sensor (£30) which detects whether doors, windows, drawers and so on are open or closed.

A Motion Sensor (£30), which detects motion.

A key fob-like Presence Sensor (£30) to alert you if your phone or children stray too far, or let you know when the latter have returned home from school.

A Power Outlet (£45), which lets you turn on plugs remotely. If whatever's plugged into the outlet turns on as soon as it receives electricity, this effectively makes previously dumb appliances smart. Because they're plugged into the mains (the other devices use watch batteries), these also draw enough power to act as Wi-Fi repeaters.

One of each of the above can also be bought as a Starter Kit for £199. Not included in that, but available for £30, is the Moisture Sensor, which tells you if you have had a leak.


SmartThings App

All of these devices, as well as all third party devices, will be controlled from the SmartThings app.

The app will be available on Android devices, Windows Phones, and iOS (yes, you read that correctly).