EzyFlix.tv gets Samsung WatchOn compatibility

WatchON lets you compare if EzyFlix.tv is the best option for you

You can now access EzyFlix.tv directly through Samsung's WatchON app to choose what and where you want to watch your EzyFlix movies and TV shows.

Available to Samsung smart TVs, Galaxy-branded smartphones and Note and Galaxy Tab tablets, WatchOn allows you to consolidate different video apps and live TV channels into one place, use your smartphone as a remote and move between devices without having to restart your video.

User's choice

With the new partnership, you can now browse EzyFlix.tv content straight through the WatchON app, but purchasing or renting will open up the EzyFlix.tv app for transaction.

This is similar to the integrated functionality that WatchON has with Quickflix.

What this means though is that now, if a film or show is offered by both Quickflix and EzyFlix.tv, WatchON will show you the price from each provider in a little pull up menu, letting you compare and choose which to rent from.

EzyFlix.tv and WatchON integration is available from today.

  • Want to know what device to get for WatchON? The Samsung Tab S has an amazing screen