Datacolor’s SpyderX is its 'most accurate' monitor calibrator yet

Datacolor SpyderX
Image credit: Datacolor

Color management specialist Datacolor has refreshed its Spyder series of calibration devices with a new model, the SpyderX.

Said to be the company's fastest, most accurate and easiest-to-use device yet, the SpyderX boasts a redesigned color engine, which allows for calibration in less than two minutes. This lens-based engine is also claimed to deliver a significant benefit in accuracy over previous versions, in addition to better low-light capabilities.

The SpyderX is suitable for use with a wide range of desktop and laptop displays, and allows users to calibrate their devices in both easy and more comprehensive ways, depending on their needs and technical know-how.

Other features include ambient light monitoring, before-and-after views and support for multiple monitors.

Image credit: Datacolor

Image credit: Datacolor

The SpyderX is available in Pro and Elite versions, and while the hardware between the two appears to be the same, the latter version offers a number of more advanced settings. These include advanced display mapping and analysis tools, together with unlimited calibration setting combinations with respect to gamma, brightness and white point. 

Furthermore, while both models can be used to calibrate laptop and desktop monitors, the Elite version adds video and cinema calibration targets and can be used to calibrate projectors. Naturally, these differences are reflected in the pricing of the two models, with the Pro version available for £156 and the Elite version retailing for £243.

Pricing for the US and Australia is yet to be set. Those keen on learning more about the SpyderX can visit a dedicated microsite.