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PCPlus is the UK authority on personal computing
PCPlus is the UK authority on personal computing

Founded in 1986, PC Plus is written for and by people passionate about the very latest computing technology.

So, don't just expect reviews of new chips from Intel or AMD or graphics cards from Nvidia and ATI – sure we'll do those – but for us, that's just the beginning.

With unparalleled access to top technologists from leading firms like Sony, Google and Microsoft, we'll tell you what innovations these giants have planned next.

Windows 7? The next big thing from Apple and the future of Internet search? We'll tell you the story before it happens.

We also go beyond the desktop computer. What will supersede silicon as the building blocks of the chips – can we look forward to biological or quantum computers?

PC Plus is passionate about getting the most from kit. From overclocking processors to squeezing the best from your broadband connections we love making kit do things its makers didn't intend.

That hacker spirit shines through in our 'Make it' hands-on projects section where we re-engineer kit, build robots and create elegant code.

If you're passionate about technology, there's no better UK read.

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