Microsoft seeking further unification of Windows and Windows Phone

Microsoft seeking further unification of Windows and Windows Phone
Microsoft wants universal apps for its mobile and desktop platforms

Microsoft is seeking a software engineer to help unify the Windows Phone and Windows 8 developer platforms, allowing apps to seamlessly work on both.

The company posted a job opportunity on Friday in search of an individual who could work alongside the team in charge of making Windows Phone apps work on Windows 8/RT and vice versa.

In the past, Microsoft has been clear in its desire to create a unified Windows platform, where Metro-style apps in the Windows Store 'just work' on both platforms.

Those plans, which don't include traditional desktop-style apps, now seem to be in motion.

Bringing platforms together

The job posting reads: "Are you excited about Windows Phone? Are you passionate about delivering the best possible experience to the developer community? Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa? If so, then this is the role for you!

"We are looking for a highly motivated and technically strong SDET (software development engineer in test) to help our team bring together the Windows Store and Phone development platforms.

"You will work closely with your developer and PM (program manager) counterparts to solve the technical challenges of bringing a platform built for desktops and tablets to the phone form factor."

Via ZDNet

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