Lenovo LePad 10-inch Android tablet graces CES... again

Lenovo has announced that its LePad Android tablet device will be released in 2011, with the company showing the tablet off at CES Unveiled 2011.

The French sounding LePad gave all of us journalists a serious case of deja vu at this year's CES Unveiled, because we last saw the LePad at CES 2010 – it was called the Lenovo U1 then.

A year later, however, and the Lenovo LePad is back and will be launching in 2011 – with TechRadar seeing the device in the flesh in Vegas this week.

Lenovo lepad

The tablet device runs on Android and has a 10.1-inch 800 x 1280 capacitive touchscreen display.

Underneath the hood is Qualcomm's 1.3GHz Snapdragon processor and the tablet comes with Bluetooth, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, a front-facing camera, 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi.

It weighs around 1kg.

Lenovo lepad

The Lenovo LePad comes with the added bonus of having its very own dock that turns the device into a fully functioning laptop with QWERTY keyboard.

Lenovo lepad

The LePad will come to China first (Lenovo missed a trick not launching it in France initially) and will be out in the UK in 2011.

Lenovo lepad

There is no UK release date for the Lenovo LePad just yet but it will be priced at around $520, so it looks like it will cost similar to its main rival – the iPad.

Marc Chacksfield

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