Jobs: People voting against Flash

Steve Jobs says that people are voting against Flash, by buying an iPad approximately every three seconds

People are voting against Adobe Flash by buying an iPad, with one of Apple's new tablet computers being sold every three seconds according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Speaking at the D8 Conference just outside Los Angeles, Jobs reiterated his claims that Flash is a doomed technology, in the wintertime of its shelf-life.

In comparison, Jobs noted that Apple liked to back tech that was in the spring time of its life.

Picking the right horses

Jobs reminded the conference crowd that Apple was first to get rid of the 3.5″ floppy. And that Apple also got rid of serial and parallel ports before the rest of the industry caught up, switching instead to USB.

And then they ditched the optical drive, with the super-slim MacBook Air, of course.

"When we do this, sometimes people call us crazy," Jobs said.

"Sometimes you have to pick the right horses. Flash looks like it had its day but it's waning. And HTML5 looks like it's coming up," Jobs added.

Jobs concluded that if the market tells Apple they are doing things wrong, then they will change. But added, to laughs from the audience, that: "People seem to be liking the iPad…We've sold one every three seconds since we launched it."

Via TechCrunch