Apple adds an iPad-ready web page list

Apple - CNN's iPad ready, are you?
Apple - CNN's iPad ready, are you?

Apple has added a section to its website which lists key sites which are 'iPad ready' – including the likes of CNN, Reuters, Time and People magazine.

Apple has produced a list of major mainstream content providers, and there is also a form to allow you to submit your site, with a how-to guide for webmasters.

Obviously the big no-no is Flash, which is still not supported on the iPad, despite claims from Apple that this is the ultimate gadget for surfing the web.

Desktop experience

"Safari on iPad is capable of delivering a "desktop" web experience," explains Apple's guide.

"iPad has a large, 9.7" screen and fast network connectivity, and Safari on iPad uses the same WebKit layout engine as Safari on Mac OS X and Windows.

"You can ensure that your website looks and works great on iPad, and even create new touch-enabled web experiences for your customers, by considering a few specific differences between iPad and other platforms."


Constructing for the touch interface is clearly a key factor for Apple – with the guide adding: "Although an external hardware keyboard is an option for use with iPad, the primary means of interacting with web content in Safari on iPad is through touch.

"The software keyboard appears in Safari on iPad and iPhone when a form control that requires text input…gains focus.

"Users should not be forced to rely on a keyboard to navigate your webpage."

So which media outlets will be featured on the UK Apple iPad site? We can hardly wait to find out.

Patrick Goss

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