12 essential add-ons to power up Safari

7. Type-ahead search

Glims provides an option hidden within the 'Misc.' section of its preferences: 'Auto select browser search banner'. What this means is Firefox-like type-ahead search. Just start typing to search within the current page's content, rather than messing about pressing Command+F first.

Type-ahead search

8. Alternate search engines

Glims by default dumps a load of extra options in Safari's search field, offering far more than just Google. Each engine can have a shortcut assigned, and the list is extensible via the Search Engines section of the add-on's preferences.

Alternate search engines

9. Keyword searches

Inexplicably, Safari has yet to integrate keyword shortcuts and searches, but several add-ons offer this functionality. Saft ($12) provides the most intuitive means of adding such searches (along with dozens more features), via a Control-click.

Keyword searches

10. Grab web video

CosmoPod (€8.90) enables you to grab video from the web and convert it for iPod and Apple TV automatically. All you need do is click the toolbar button when CosmoPod finds a video and it does the rest. It can also rip audio from online video.

Grab web video

11. Post to Twitter

Thurly (free/$4.95) can be used as a quickfire means of shortening URLs and also posting to a Twitter account. Register the app and you can work with multiple Twitter accounts and use Thurly's template system.

Post to twitter

12. Developer tools

Finally, an add-on of sorts that Apple bundles itself. Access the Advanced section of Safari's preferences and check 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'.

This menu provides access to Apple's surprisingly comprehensive range of tools for designers, enabling you to spoof various browser user agent settings, inspect the code of the current website, and disable page components.

Developer tools