4 of the best Windows 7 media PCs


Asus Eeetop PC ET22

The latest EeeTop ET2203T is a real looker, with a striking black-on-silver design.

It also has a really decent spec, including a full HD touchscreen and a Blu-ray drive.

It's the machine that's the least like a traditional computer out of the four machines here and, as such, it would work well in any room in the home.

Put simply, it looks more like a very modern TV as opposed to a PC that is also trying to be a TV. Its 'frameless' 21.6in crystal-clear display, which segues into the piano-black bezel, does attract fingerprints because the touchscreen capability of the PC works so well.


As with the Toshiba laptop, providing you keep a screen cleaner nearby this is not going to become more than a minor bother. Perhaps the most immediate difference between the Asus EeeTop and the MSI Wind Top and Packard Bell all-in-one is the fact that Asus' designers have paid attention to every detail, down to the impressive design of the wireless mouse and keyboard that ship with the machine.

There's no need for additional USB dongles to make the peripherals sync with the PC. It all works out of the box. Nothing about this package feels cheap. The 1,920 x 1,080 resolution screen is perfect for full HD TV and movie viewing, with integrated 3W SRS stereo speakers that will work well in most lounges or bedrooms.

On the downside, there is no TV tuner built in and the EeeTop doesn't come with a TV-style remote control. But after a few hours of using the machine such things pale into insignificance.

After a quick Google search we soon found a range of free TV remote and wireless touchpad apps for our iPhone that actually worked better than the devices shipped with the Packard Bell and MSI PCs.

It lack the ability to use several fingers at once but the touchscreen is easily the best of the bunch we tested and the tray-loading Blu-ray drive behind the EeeTop's right bezel tops off the whole package for us.


Adam Hartley