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Seagate's latest hard drive is almost as thin as an iPhone 6

Seagate's Seven is so svelte.
Seagate's Seven is so svelte.

Storage giant Seagate has launched an external disk drive just in time for CES 2015.

Called Seven, it's the world's thinnest external hard disk drive according to Seagate, and at 7mm (hence the name) it's just a fraction thicker than Apple's iPhone 6 smartphone.

The drive is a 5mm thick, 500GB model that is enclosed in a super-thin 2mm stainless steel enclosure that closely espouses the shape of the hard disk drive.

Its specs though are resolutely mid-range: USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s. 5400RPM, 16MB cache, 1.4W power consumption in use and 470mW in idle mode, an average latency of 5.6ms and a two year warranty.

Hitting back

It's worth noting that Seagate has had a 500GB, 5mm drive in its portfolio since June 2013 but was never a hit because its thickness would require vendors to modify their existing designs (which are compatible with 7mm drives).

Seven will be available later this month in the US with a suggested retail price of $99.99 (about £70, AU$110). No word on global pricing or availability yet.