Samsung unveils the world's highest capacity microSD card

Samsung unveils the world's highest capacity microSD card

Samsung is striking down "low storage" warnings with a vengeance, announcing a microSD card that can hold as much space in a fingernail-sized chip as the hard drive of the laptop this story was written on.

Planned for release this June, EVO Plus 256GB microSD card sports a staggering 256GB of storage with a write speed of 90MB/s - making it a perfect fit for demanding devices like 360-degree VR recorders or HD camera drones.

Samsung claims that the minuscule piece of plastic holds up to 55,200 photos, 12 hours of 4K footage, or 46 hours of HD video. While the card could also be used with smartphones and tablets, the EVO Plus is clearly destined for cameras.

Samsung announced efforts to bring desktop-level storage to mobile devices back in February, intending to also create mobile storage solutions with USB 3.0 interface compatibility and faster-than-solid-state writing. The EVO Plus seemingly lacks these features, leading us to speculate on another announcement from Samsung in the near future.

While the capacity of the EVO Plus is impressive, expect to have a little free space left in your bank account as well - Samsung has put up a suggested retail price of $249.99 for the compacted card.

Thankfully, the card comes with a 10-year warranty and claims to be X-ray-proof, waterproof, magnetic-proof, and temperature-proof. Still, don't plan on saving any scratch if you feel like saving space on your mobile device this summer.

Parker Wilhelm
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