Apple A5 chip production ramped up by Samsung in US

Apple A5 chip production ramped up by Samsung in US
More chips being made

Apple has decided to bring the making of its A5 chips to the US, with Samsung chosen to create the chips in one of its factories in Texas.

According to Reuters, the two companies have strengthened their flimsy relationship through the medium of processors.

There have been numerous courtroom battles between the Apple and Samsung over similarities between the iPad and iPhone and Samsung's smartphone and tablet line-up.

But, it seems the companies have put their differences aside and Apple is now using Samsung's chip manufacturing plant to create the A5 processor, which can be found in the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

According to Reuters, the production facility is the size of nine football pitches and was previously being used to create NAND Flash chips.

A5 production

Samsung had begun manufacturing the A5 chip earlier in the year but now the facility is "dedicated to producing Apple chips".

Both Apple and Samsung have decided to not to comment on their chip-based relationship but they have worked together in the past on the A4 chip.

It's unclear, however, if this relationship will continue for the A6. Back in August, it was reported that chip company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) had kicked off a trial production run of the A6 processor.

Via the Guardian